During personal consultation with our Clients or upon requested due diligence activities, our primary concern is to recognize the problems – which may occur from legal relationships or legal transactions – without delay and get provide a financially and legally feasable solution to the uncovered issues.We provide full legal, financial and accounting audit in collaboration with our Partners for shares in enterprises/companies, apropos of establishment of joint ventures, or on the subject of the valuation of a given property or branch. We intent to help achiving the required result of the legal transactions with the aim of minimizing risk factors (brought on by market conditions, counterparty, or lending activities)to our Clinets by comprehensive examination of our experts from different professions. We represent ourClients by formulating contracts which appropriately regulate the responsibility for the uncovered and consequently controlled risks. In the spirit of efficiency, this is also carried out during the examinations, and we initiate consultations in view of the results of the experts’ reports.

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