Real estate

We provide end-to-end solutions to our Clients in the field of Real Estate, which includes the legal consulting prior to the signature of an agreement, the drafting of documents, We provide expert legal legal opinion on documents in connection with a sale, a leasing transaction, in donation and in other property law related matters, and we represent our clients at the authorised Land Registry Office.
In connection with investments in the construction industry, we provide legal opinion on design contracts, contracts of the main contractor and the subcontractor, and share houses’ articles of association, as well as drafting such documents. We also represent our Clients in front of the Land Registry Office.
Our Firm is the legal counsel of the Hungarian Building Engineering Association and Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists. Our law firm has held a course on certain legal problems affecting the enterprises of construction industry in 2009, upon the request of the National Trade Association of Construction Industry Enterpreneurs for certain member institutions of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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